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AgriLift provides farmers, agro-processorsgovernment institutions and other value chain actors with near real-time agronomic, market and value chain information. 

We take aerial imagery and provide customized analysis and recommendations to our clients to help improve the quantity and quality of crop yields. We have ongoing projects in Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana and are quickly expanding



About Us


AgriLift is a Rwanda-based information technology company. By leveraging technological solutions from its Israel-based parent company, Milan Innovincy, a network of local partners and agricultural experts at leading Universities, we unlock data from the field, combine it with rigorous crop growth models, and deliver timely geo-specific advice to various end-users.

Our Mission: to pioneer creative agricultural technologies that combat hunger, enhance markets and connect people.

Our Method: to leverage advanced and affordable crop monitoring techniques to provide near real-time decisionable intelligence on crop growth, problem identification, and general agronomic conditions for farmers, processors and the end market. 

AgriLift is a proud member of the of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) for the year 2016. Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, CGI is an initiative of  the Clinton Foundation, convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to  the world's most pressing challenges.  

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Our Services

AgrilifT drives bottom-line growth for stakeholders throughout the value chain

Our flagship product is the Spatiotemporal Agribusiness Framework (SAF), an online portal that allows producers, processors and others to monitor crop growth in near real-time. Aerial imagery is collected, analyzed and delivered in the form of highly detailed maps, alerts and charts, helping each agricultural value chain player to improve decision making and ultimately increase yields.

Crop Management

Increase yields by detecting water stress, disease, pest and other problems early in the season

Improve input use with greater understanding of problem areas

Yield Planning

Improve supply chain planning with more accurate yield projection, transport and storage optimization

Near real-time alerts help predict shortages or surplus production

Market Linkages

Combination of agronomic data and advisory services by SMS allows product suppliers to improve marketing reach and optimize success of product use

Risk Modeling

Use plot-level production data to create new insurance indices and lending models for smallholder farmers, leading to larger portfolios and reduced risk

Our Impact

Agrilift grows farmer incomes by providing the agronomic intelligence required to maximize crop yields and connect farmers to markets

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Farmers in Africa often lament that they know ‘too little, too late.’ They lack sufficient time to respond to disease outbreaks and often do so without proper coordination from agricultural extension officers and government officials. Moreover, supply chains are severely disconnected, creating major gaps in financial investment, information flow, technical knowledge and market awareness. Due to these constraints, key value chain actors cannot take proactive decisions, and as a result, crop production suffers, both in terms of quantity and quality. 

With these challenges in mind, there is a need for a simple technological platform that connects different actors and provides updates and alerts during the agricultural season. 



By the end of 2020, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Improve farmer yields 10%-20% where our technology is being implemented
  • Directly and indirectly reach 150,000 farmers with our spatiotemporal monitoring solutions
  • In collaboration with financial services partners, launch financial products that reach at least 10,000 individuals
  • To help make Rwanda the remote sensing hub for East Africa

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Tel: +25 078 838 5313